Sunday, September 13, 2015

TailoredTravels: San Diego

    With the unofficial end of summer happening on Labor Day, I thought now would be an appropriate time to finally share some of my favorite pictures from the San Diego trip I took at the end of July. Hope you enjoy!

Mount Soledad:
    Mount Soledad is a mountain in the La Jolla region of San Diego. It is the highest costal elevation on the west coast which lends itself to spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean (top two images) and the bay (third image).

Seaport Village:
    Seaport Village is a very touristy part of San Diego. All of the stores inside are beach or tourist related, but there are also a lot of cute places to get food. One of the food places we passed (but were unable to stop in) was Frost Me Gourmet Cupcakes; the cupcake shop won Food Network's ninth season of Cupcake Wars. When walking on the edge of Seaport Village, you also have nice views of the water.

Old Town:
    Old Town is a historic park in San Diego that has shops, restaurants, and museums. You're able to transport yourself into Mexican and early American (1821-1872) life by experiencing all of the different activities and architecture the park has to offer. 

San Diego Zoo:
    I would not go on the plane home from San Diego unless I got to go to the San Diego Zoo. When I lived in Brooklyn, going to the Prospect Park Zoo was one of my favorite things to do. No offense Prospect Park, but you're zoo is kinda lame in comparison to the San Diego Zoo. This zoo is so big we could only see half of it because my aunt was too tired to keep going (if you ever go TAKE THE BUS TOUR, you'll thank me later). It's okay though, the most important thing is that we got to see the Giant Pandas, which you can only find at four zoos in America.

La Jolla:
    La Jolla is a beach-front neighbor in San Diego. There's a strip full of shops and restaurants, but my favorite part was the cliffs. You have the most incredible views of water from the cliffs, it doesn't hurt either that we were there at sunset. Lounging on the cliffs are a TON of seals. I didn't know they would be there but it was so cool to see, even if they smelled horrible.
Can we just talk about how cute this proposal is? I'm just glad no one fell on the rocks because that would not be too good.
That seal on the right is me.

Hotel Del Coronado:
    Hotel Del Coronado was by far my favorite part of the trip, it was also the last place we went while staying in San Diego. Hotel Del Coronado is located on Coronado island, which is right off the coast of downtown San Diego. It's claimed that the hotel is haunted by a young woman named Kate who died at the hotel.